The importance of winning

We have all done it…repeated the age old line ‘it’s the taking part that counts’. Whether it has been said to soothe the dejected son or daughter after losing their race at sports day, or to console a fellow colleague who just missed out on an industry award.

But it is normally said through gritted teeth or with a slight grimace! No-one really likes to come second or third when you are competing with your peers to be the best.

We were lucky to win our third award in four years at the Bridging and Commercial Awards. I say lucky but I genuinely feel we deserved it!

The format of the awards changed this year so to be included in an incredibly strong category, Best Bridging Partner, against many of our peers was yet another fantastic achievement for the team. The award is a further testament to the respect Robert Sterling has within the industry.

Each of the two judging panels – lenders and brokers – were made up of 12 industry experts. The broker panel was chaired by Norman Chambers, National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB), and the lender panel was chaired by John Davies, Marketing Director, Just Cash Flow…so it was a tough crowd to please!

In their judging notes, the panel said: ‘The winner is capable of being accommodating and acting nimbly and flexibly which is so important in the STL and specialist markets.

‘Lenders reported extremely positive feedback from clients on the professionalism and knowledge displayed by the winner. Through their expertise and above average capabilities, the winner has assisted the growth of its lender and broker partners

‘Classed as being one of few in this area who’ve shown genuine commitment to growth and partnership, coupled with consistency which is key to this practice. Credited with stripping out the jargon and communicating with borrowers and lenders in an efficient, no-nonsense manner’.

Awards are a fantastic way of benchmarking ourselves against the best in the business. To come out on top shows we are doing things the right way.