Brexit: an opportunity for change

Now that (most) of the initial hullabaloo regarding Brexit has calmed down, in part helped by the more dramatic turn of events in the US, it is steadily becoming clearer what life in a post-Brexit world is going to look like. And it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

What is certain is that there are still a great many uncertainties. There is no more ‘certainty’ of business, for example, or a guaranteed pipeline (if indeed there ever was such a thing). Some investment decisions have undoubtedly been delayed, and this is having a knock-on effect within the building and construction world, and making lenders and developers more nervous than usual as they both seek assurances from their respective supply chain peers.

But here is a radical thought: might Brexit actually provide the shake-up within our industry that I believe has been needed for some time? Might it drive up standards of quality and professionalism? Might it drive out some of the poor practices and declining standards that we have recently been forced to witness?

Speaking personally, we are currently experiencing an increase in the size and variety of work coming our way. A larger number of lenders have been knocking on our door, knowing that in challenging times, a professional surveyor providing an accurate and reliable valuation is more important than ever to give them the confidence to lend.

Yes, that does mean increased competition, but it is also obliging our industry to up its game and demonstrate its true worth. If I have one word of advice, then it would be to remember this moment, and remember what we are going through. This is an opportunity to make a real change for the better.