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Robert Sterling provides professional survey services nationwide, tailored to the needs of our customers and always conforming to the highest standards set by RICS. Our speciality is in providing secured lending advice and survey reports on behalf of High Street Banks, Bridging Companies and Brokers.

We are an independent company with an established reputation for providing a high quality, accurate service in the fastest possible time. London-based, we have an extensive network of surveyors enabling us to deliver a nation-wide service where required.

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You say potato…

Down valuing has been a blight on our industry for many years. And there is more than a suggestion that it is beginning to happen again. But are surveyors deliberately looking to scupper an otherwise beautiful plan or are they just being responsible? All of us will be familiar with the scenario: a deal has

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Top Tips to choosing a Bridging Valuer

Choosing the right surveyor can be a difficult task and ‘partnership’ is an oft-overused word. But working in true partnership with a valuer delivers the best results and successful outcomes for brokers, lenders and customers alike. It enables deals to happen, even in the most challenging environments. So what should you look for in your

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Move over David Brent…

The times, so they say, are changing, and so are our city centres. Office blocks that were once a symbol of modernity and progression in the 1960s and 70s are being re-evaluated for their style and purpose. Many lie empty, no longer ‘fit for purpose’, a blot on an otherwise untroubled landscape. Ricky Gervais and

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Arwel Griffith BSc (Hons), FRICS, Partner

In a career spanning more than 30 years, Senior Partner…

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Jon Welch BSc (Hons), FRICS, Partner

Having qualified more than 25 years ago, Senior Partner, Jon…

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